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Our flatware factory passed the audit of Sedex & BSCI in 2010


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Congratulations to our company to become the guangdong university of technology institute of art and design off-campus practice base

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On December 13, 2019, Guangdong University of Technology college of art and design, dean of learning and students came to visit our factory!
Teachers and students arrive at our company, the our company's director of research and development department Zheng Yintong enterprise introduced, at the same time he is guangdong industry outstanding the graduates to recognize! As a brother, and the development of the enterprise, head of the department, he carefully to introduce students to the product development process, as well as the personal experience and product features, design need to pay attention to detail, to preach trained, lets the student from books, to the enterprise actual knowledge of product from idea to the final production steps!
The second part we visit Lont exhibition hall with the students. In the exhibition hall, you can see different types of food machine, the simple sense of touch to the different material and intuitive is the collocation of color. Practice "seven points, three points" theory from the classroom into the enterprise, the director zheng according to different function and appearance of the product, vivid description, more understandable.
When running a already assembled food machine, the students would like to know, such a cooking machine is how to do? Then came to the shop to visit, curious classmates also looked at just came out from the injection molding machine production casing, the workshop staff how to assemble.
After an afternoon of understand and visit, I believe the students for lunt had a deeper understanding of company and products!
The most grand time, from guangdong university of technology institute of art and design director jiang always held the opening ceremony, with our general manager of guangzhou lont electronic co., LTD., officially became the school's practice base outside!
Guangdong university of technology in line with the characteristics and practice of professional teaching needs, based on high demand high standards of screening on, chose our company become off-campus practice base, thanks to the school the professional degree of recognition and trust to our company, this also is our great honor! Thanks to the school to transfer to our excellent intern, we will also provide students with the corresponding internship, cultivate high-quality talent, combined with production and education, support and development to promote each other! Let the pace of university-enterprise cooperation go more strong!